What happens at the B4 School Check?

A B4 School Check (B4SC) screening will include:

  • General health screen – For things like asthma, eczema, allergies and your child’s general health
  • Dental – Is your child enrolled and have they been seen by a dental therapist in the past two years?
  • Immunisations – Are these up-to-date? [Link to Imms page still to be created by Sue coming soon]
  • Growth – Any concerns with eating, diet and your child's weight? We can refer to a dietitian if required.
  • Behavioural – Do you have any concerns with your child’s behaviour? Can we support you with this?
  • Development – Is your child’s development on-track for starting school, e.g. can they hold a pencil properly, recognise numbers shapes and colours?
  • Vision and hearing – Can your child see and hear well? This is done in your child’s early childhood setting if they attend regularly, otherwise they can be booked into the WRHN clinic. [Link to clinic times Tuesdays 9.30 to 5pm or alternate times by consultation except 2 weeks between Christmas and New Year or Public Holidays]


What happens if there is a concern or issue identified?

  • The nurse will work in partnership with you to identify the best service to meet the needs of your child and/or whanau.
  • These local services are usually free.

If your child is not eligible for this 4 year old health check and you have concerns about their health or development, talk to your doctor or practice nurse.