Diabetes Podiatry Service

Leo Brown is contracted by Whanganui Regional Health Network, to provide podiatry clinics for patients diagnosed with diabetes who meet the criteria for referral and have foot problems requiring the attention of a specialist. 

There are three goals:

  1. To assess the risk of foot complications, like ulcers and infection
  2. To inform patients about how risk occurs
  3. To actively reduce risk via podiatry treatment, guiding through advice and referral to other services as needed


Appointments are provided free if the latest assessment made indicates the patient has either an 'active', 'high' or 'at risk' of foot complications, and if the goals of informing and treatment can be met. Routine podiatry care or product outside these criteria will not be funded, patients maybe discharged, but assistance in finding other service providers or funding will be given.

Clinics are run by Whanganui Foot Clinic, mainly at the home clinic at 35 Guyton Street. Rural clinics are held at Ratana Health Centre, Rangitikei Health Centre, Taihape Health Ltd, Abbotsford House, Waverley and Waimarino Health Centre.