Cervical screening

Our cervical screening service assists women who are overdue for their smear test .This can include:

  • information,

  • transport,

  • alternate smear taker, and

  • assistance with both making an appointment and attending at their GP practice.

Call 0800775001 option 2 to talk with Roz if you have any questions.

Immunisation Service

The Whanganui Regional Health Network (WRHN) provides both immunisation coordination and an outreach service as part of its Child Health Team.

    Immunisation Coordination service aims to improve the health and wellbeing of:

    Ngā Taura Tūhono - Stop Smoking Service

    The Stop Smoking Service ( Nga Taura Tuhono) is supporting people living in the Whanganui Region to become smokefree

    We are a free service available to our community to help you achieve being smoke free . Although the process of quitting is a difficult one, the good news is that no matter how long you have been smoking you can experience major and immediate benefits when you quit smoking.

    Diabetes Podiatry Service

    Leo Brown is contracted by Whanganui Regional Health Network, to provide podiatry clinics for patients diagnosed with diabetes who meet the criteria for referral and have foot problems requiring the attention of a specialist. 

    There are three goals:

    1. To assess the risk of foot complications, like ulcers and infection
    2. To inform patients about how risk occurs
    3. To actively reduce risk via podiatry treatment, guiding through advice and referral to other services as needed



    The Community Dietitian offers a free service by referral for children and adults to improve nutrition. Referrals can be made via a GP or practice nurse or other primary health providers.

    Examples of referrals:

    Long-term Conditions Support

    A registered nurse working with the patient and family, alongside their GP and practice team, to development an integrated care plan.

    By working together in this way, the areas that are having an impact on a person’s life are addressed, which often results in improved quality of life.

    This service works across various health and social sectors, such as housing, employment, Work & Income NZ, and involves advocacy and support for the patient and their family.  As well as supporting general practice to develop innovative solutions.