Feedback and Patient Rights


WAM welcomes your feedback. If you would like to leave us your feedback you may do so by:
•    Leaving feedback in the letter box attached to the interior wall of the main exit (on right as you are leaving)
•    Discussing your feedback with any member of the WAM team
•    Posting feedback to: Whanganui Accident and Medical Clinic, P O Box 677, Whanganui
•    Emailing feedback to
•    Phone the Service Manager on (06) 348 1263


Your rights as a patient are displayed in the waiting areas and in each consultation room. Take home resources regarding your rights are also available in these areas. If you are concerned that your rights have been breached, please feel free to discuss this with any member of staff or seek external support as below:
1.    You may contact Nationwide Health and Disability Advocacy on 0800 555 050. They are a consumer focused, independent and free support network for anyone receiving health and disability services.
2.    You may write to or ring the Office of the Health and Disability Commissioner, P O Box 1791, Auckland or phone 0800 112 233.