About Us

Whanganui Regional Health Network (WRHN), formerly known as Whanganui Regional Primary Health Organisation, was established in July 2003 and is registered as a charitable trust. There are 11 general practices under WRHN, situated within the city and also based in the rural communities (GP Fee Schedule). As of 1 January 2017 our enrolled population totaled 55,993; of which 15,884 are Maori and Pasifika and 11,206 are non-Maori/PI that live in a Deprivation Five area, therefore 48% of the WRHN enrolled population have known inequalities in health due to ethnicity or socio-economic status.

As a Primary Health Organisation (PHO) it is our role to provide essential primary health care services to those people who are enrolled with us. PHOs bring together doctors, nurses and other health professionals in the community to support the health needs of their enrolled populations. When your doctor decided to join a PHO you would have signed a consent form and become an ‘enrolled PHO patient’. PHOs can now do more things to keep people healthy, by improving access to health services and connecting with people in the community who are missing out or have poor health. PHOs play a part in helping reduce acute demand pressure on hospitals, by better managing chronic conditions and proactively supporting high need populations.